Lee Manufacturing, LLC


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About Lee Manufacturing


Lee Manufacturing, LLC is a local electronic contract manufacturer specializing in custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and general assembly. We are a low cost solution finely-tuned to meet your outsourcing needs.


Our commitment to continuous process improvement ensures you will receive efficient and timely service at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing product quality. We understand that On-Time Delivery is crucial to your Value-Stream and we can offer several customizable assembly processes to guarantee that your product is ready for you to ‘pull’ when you need it.


At Lee Manufacturing, LLC we pride ourselves on providing practical solutions for your every need fr

om product design to final assembly. We are dedicated to becoming your long-term manufacturing partner.


Competing With Perfection. Your needs come first in our organization, therefore, our company goal is to achieve perfect flow in all of our processes. Our UL Recognized facility along with our certified IPC/WHMA-A-620 staff allows Lee Manufacturing to provide the perfection you deserve in a contract manufacturer.

Adding Value Means Perfecting Flow. In order to provide the best potential value we must perfect our process flow with every product.  Our commitment to continuous process improvement is the key to building a long-lasting partnership with your firm. We are willing to invest our time and finances into perfecting our processes to offer you the best possible value.